Name: Elite
Price: 20.00 USD


- Access to /nick
- Access to /hat

- Access to /workbench

- $1,000 in-game money
- x1 Spawner Crate Key

- « ELITE » prefix above name, in chat, and in tab
- Access to /near
- Access to /feed
- Access to /echest
- Access to /chatcolor
*Some colors are reserved for staff members.

- Access to MEDIUM backpacks in /shop

- Ability to pick up spawners with silk touch
- Ability to use color codes on signs
- Ability to auction up to 4 items at once
- /sethome x10
- $2,000 in-game money
- x1 Pet Crate Key
- Access to emojies in chat!

Emojies list:
/hug, /poke, /highfive, /facepalm, /yell, /bite, /snuggle, /shake, /stab, /kiss, /punch, /murder, /boi, /cry, /dab, /lick, /pat, /stalk